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IntuitiveHeartHealer is anti-White

There’s a woman on YouTube who goes by the name “IntuitiveHeartHealer” (1) that claims her purpose in life is to “spread love” (red flag alert) throughout the world.  She says that she supports White survival, but thinks that fighting White genocide is really just a pretext for us to take over the world.  In her comments at YouTube she says she’s “really grown in distaste” for pro-Whites.

The reason for her distaste is obvious; we’re the first entity out of the pro-White/White Nationalist struggle who are actually threatening the anti-White system. Anti-Whites like “IntuitiveHeartHealer” liked it better when there was an ex-con standing in a white robe in front of city hall yelling “look out nigger the Klan is getting bigger”(2).  But now that a message has appeared that explains the dynamics of White genocide clearly and succinctly (along with a group of adepts who are skilled at disseminating it), she’s “grown in distaste.” It was much easier when the anti-Whites could just infiltrate someone into a White nationalist organization (3) and try to discredit them as a group with offensive and/or illegal behavior. With a consistent message, it doesn’t even really matter who says it (even “wounded” people as IntuitiveHeartHealer claims us to be); if it’s the truth, IT’S THE TRUTH!

And the truth is that only Whites are expected to be forced diversified with non-Whites, and only Whites are denied spaces and institutions of our own for the pursuance of our own destinies. Africans, Asians, Jews, Arabs, etc are not denied this right. Only Whites are; it’s genocide.

Intutivehearthealer is anti-White.  She claims to support the right of White survival, but this is only to maintain credibility while she advocates for the survival of her own group (4). She claims she supports the right of Whites to survive, but then attacks and slanders the people and methods that make White survival possible (i.e. Pro-Whites and the message against White genocide).

If IntuitiveHeartHealer wants to heal someone’s heart, she should start with her own and then move on to others whose hearts have been poisoned by the Talmud.  Her claim that we want to “take over the world” is most likely the product of what one of her probable heroes (Freud) labeled “projection.” Her so called “love” is for the people who bow down to the rule of people like her, while anyone who objects to their rule is a “naziwhowantstotakeovertheworld.”  If she wasn’t so blinded by fear and hatred, she would see that pro-Whites offer an opportunity to address the issue of White genocide before the conditions  arise that really will lead to a full-scale Nazi-esque political movement.




(4) Which she deserves credit for, many of her people have no problem with openly denying Whites survival while advocating strongly for their own. This celebrated trait is referred to as “Chutzpah.”

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2 thoughts on “IntuitiveHeartHealer is anti-White

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  2. Is this the same IntuitiveHeartHealer that thinks Jews are
    a religion and not a race?

    Sure, they’re a religion when it comes to segregated housing
    but they’re a race when it comes to “hate crimes.”

    Maybe the genetic “J” haplogroup represents a religious gene.
    Darwin or intelligent design?

    [SS editor] Jewishness is part racial, religious, and cultural. There are people who refer to themselves as atheist Jews. There are also negro Jews, but it appears that these black Jews are sometimes denied entry into Israel. So there is a racial component.

    There probably is a group of Jews in Israel itself that pro-Whites can work with? These will be the ones who don’t automatically see pro-Whiteness as being a danger to their interests.It’s just about finding people who will respect us enough to extend the same rights to us, as they expect for themselves.

    A lot of people in White Nationalism don’t realize that world Jewry and Israel are facing a serous problem. Israel is in a situation where its neighbors are all getting stronger and better organized as time goes on.These neighbors have Russian and Chinese partners. The US is Israel’s main partner but Obama is dragging his feet. The pro-Israel support isn’t there anymore like it was under Bush or Clinton.

    The Jews haven’t been this weak since the 1940’s.

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