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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 13

The episode starts out with Todd and his uncle cooking meth for Lydia’s inspection. Lydia is still unhappy with the product quality and color, pointing out that the blue color is a part of their branding strategy in Europe. Todd offers to have his uncle “strengthen out” her buyers in Europe and Lydia passes. Todd made what looked like a romantic pass at Lydia and she seemed to pass on this attempt as well. Todd doesn’t seem to realize that the people Lydia sells to in Europe aren’t the kind of people his uncle can “strengthen out.” They’re the ones who “strengthen out” people and I’m still predicting that we’re going to see these folks later on in this season.

Todd’s uncle makes Walt agree to cook one more time to pay for the hit on Jesse. I said this last review too but WHY IN HELL WOULD WALT BE USING HIS CELL PHONE AT THIS POINT?!

Anyway, Walt still had no idea that Jesse had become a rat. This brings us to the phone call to Walt and the burning money situation. This was an ingenious move by Jesse and Hank. Of course, how would Jesse get GPS info from a rent-a-car company? Walt was too upset to think straight; this is a good lesson in always trying to remain calm.

So Walt figures out that he’d been had by Jesse and then sees Hank’s truck pull up with Hank, Jesse, and Gomez. I couldn’t figure out why Walt would call off the hit. Hank was just as much (if not more) a threat to Walt and him money than Jesse, so this seemed like a perfect opportunity to rid himself of his biggest problems. If Skyler gave him trouble about whacking Hank, he could just repeat what she said regarding Jesse when she said “what’s one more?” The only one I would feel bad for was Gomez, who was just their to back up Hank. But as Neoconservatives say regarding Muslim babies in the middle east (“it’s just collateral damage”).

So Walt gives up and at this point the story’s over, right? The last three episodes would feature Sal Goodman fighting for Walt in court, right? Wrong, because who comes to the rescue? The Neo-Nazi gang armed to the teeth, that’s who! Walt tells Todd’s uncle that “it’s over, it’s over” but what choice did they have? At that point the neo-nazis were faced with arrest themselves, and being ex-cons, would have been going away for a long time. Todd’s uncle asking Hank to see his badge was most likely a trick to get him to lower his weapon. Hank and Gomez were in a real bad position as well. If they gave up then they’d be at the mercy of the neo-Nazis and Walt. Hank should have given up after Walt made the video. But the ego is a force never to be underestimated.

In real life the firefight would have been over quickly. Four men with assault rifles and two with pistols against one with a shotgun and one with a pistol ain’t much of a match. During the firefight two of the Neo-Nazis should have flanked to the right while the others put down a good base of fire. Apparently these guys never had any real infantry training? Regardless, with the fire power advantage flanking probably would have been unnecessary. I knew they were gong to show up after Hank told Marie that he loved her. I knew that would be the last time they spoke.

I predict that Jesse will probably get away(he was in Walt’s car). If Jesse was alive and caught by the Neo-Nazis, the best course of action would be to question Jesse and then have him tortured for few hours before burying him alive (but that’s just my option). I’m pretty sure the writers are going to keep Jesse alive for a final showdown with Walt?

So what will happen next? The Neo-Nazis will probably force Walt to cook for them? Is that who Walt is running from in the future scenes that were shown in past episodes? Or will the Germans (Lydia’s partners) show up and give Walt an offer he can’t refuse?

I never looked forward to Sunday night so much!

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