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After discussing God/The Force/The All/The Uber Rotator in relation to the White Path, I will now further discuss the gods on the White Path.

I’ve written about the gods several times in the past so if you’re new to this you may want to visit this link (1) before going on. The White Path worships and praises the Great Force/God as the supreme power of Universe. But just as Catholics or Orthodox people pray to and honors saints, the White Path will have lower gods that is prays to and honors. These gods are:

santa hopkins
The Father god (Zeus/Jupiter or Odin/Wotan): This is king of the gods. He’s our great father. He’s everything you’d want a king, father, and husband to be. He’s strong, decisive, honest, confident, just, wise, and patient. Appearance: Dignified older gentleman about 55 years old with grey hair and beard. Within Jung’s archetypes he would be the father and wise old man.

The Mother goddess (Juno or Frigg): Exemplary of womanly virtue. She’s our great mother. She’s everything a queen, mother, and wife should be. She’s compassionate, clairvoyant (intuitive), graceful, understanding, and virtuous. She takes up the role that the Virgin Mary had. Appearance: Attractive woman of 45-50 years with dark blonde hair. Within Jung’s archetypes she is the mother.

The Son god (Apollo/Mars or Thor): He is the son of the father and mother, and brother to the sister goddess. He’s everything you’d want in a son, brother, and prince. He’s confident, noble, reliable, loyal, and fearless. He’s a leader. This god will assume the role of savior to the people like Jesus. Appearance: Handsome, muscular young man of about 27 years old with reddish beard and reddish blonde hair.Within Jung’s archetypes he is the hero.

MERLIN - SAISON 3 - Episode 7
The Daughter goddess (Freya or Aphrodite): She is the daughter of the Father and Mother and sister to the son god. She’s everything you’d want in a sister, daughter, and princess. She’s pure of body and heart, kind, charitable, and loving. She’s the goddess of charity, love, and fertility. Beautiful woman, about 19 years old with long, light blonde hair. Within Jung’s archetypes she is the maiden.

I did provide a model of how these gods should look, but local churches will have some freedom to make them as they choose.  People in Southern Europe may want their gods to look more Mediterranean; that will be their choice.

I’ve written about how these gods may exist in the past. At the very least they may exist as archetypes (2) for humans to emulate and find within the human experience. They may also exist as advanced extraterrestrial beings (3)(4) that may be responsible for the creation of White humans. The third possibility is that they exist as incorporeal spirit like beings that live in and out of other dimensions. The third possibility is what our European ancestors believed.

Those on the White Path will pray to and honor these beings. They will serve as archetypes for those on the White Path to emulate. Any future White community/State will make part of their mission the attempt to find these beings in the Universe while also trying to make White humans into these beings. This author personally does believe in these gods and does pray to them. As I’ve written in the past (5), if they do exist as advanced beings then they would most likely have the technology that would allow them to hear our prayers to them. They would store these prayers in a search engine and would know your feelings regarding them if they do a search on you. If you respect them and praise them they will repay you with gifts and protection. This author believes that these gods do protect him.

In my post about the Force/All/God/Uber Rotator, I explained that the Force/God does not visit humans and provide special revelations to them. The gods on the other hand can and will do this. The god Yahweh of the Old Testament was most likely an advanced being that did just this. This god Yahweh presented himself as the Creator God/Force, when in reality he was only an advanced being with technology that made him appear supernatural to primitive humans. This author believes the god Yahweh to be Satan or Lucifer. This god is the current ruler of earth. He’s the master of illusions. He would be the force behind the current globalist elites. This god Yahweh is the enemy of the White gods and is attempting wipe out the White god’s posterity in a program of genocide using forced integration with non-Whites (see page above titled “The anti-White System: program for White genocide.”). If world war three breaks out on earth it may be a showdown between the forces of Yahweh/Satan (the god of the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (6) and the forces of Zeus/Odin (the White father god)?

The European mythologies would be a place to start for understanding these White gods but the old myths are only a starting place. Much of the myths written about the gods are not very flattering and reflects the culture that they came out. One must also remember that earth is the current realm of Yahweh/Lucifer and any information about the White gods is most likely distorted. New myths will be written about them (or be uncovered) that make them ideal illustrations of what we as White humans want to become. Other texts will be reinterpreted. The Old Testament is mostly the story of Yahweh/Lucifer, except for the book of Genesis. The god in the beginning of Genius is the White Father god, while the serpent is Yahweh/Lucifer. The Gospels are the story of the Son of god (Thor son of Odin). The book of Revelation is about the return of the Father and his son to dispose of Yahweh/Satan. The other books of the New Testament were writing by agents of the generation of vipers that Jesus/Thor warned us about. The White gods will have a place in future worship services of the White Path. They will be represented as statues, icons, stained glassed windows, holograms, and other works of art in the churches and cathedrals of the White Path. They will also have temples built and dedicated to all or each of them.

It’s important to point out that while these beings may be our creators, that they are not the Creator/God/Force/Uber Rotator. They have abilities that make them appear to be, and they have more knowledge of the Force than humans, but to the Force they are still quite insignificant. The White gods have extremely long life spans but they eventually expire just like humans. As powerful as these beings are they still live by the grace of the Force and the Force may remove them at any time just as the force may remove humans at any time. The gods should be looked at as companions that we face the Universe with. In the Norse mythology, Odin is always searching for knowledge. He’s especially looking for knowledge that can stop or prolong the coming of Ragnarok. This is the time when the gods expire. Death is as natural as the coming of night when the sun sets. We as persons do rise again just as the sun in the morning. But when we do rise again, in 2000, or 2,000,000,000 years, we start over again. We must regain memory of who our cosmic selves are. A longer life provides us more time to learn who one is.

The White gods, due to their expanded lifetimes, are more knowledgeable of their cosmic selves. Since we, as White humans, are made in their image, they can teach us more about our true cosmic selves. We are their children, and just like good parents they will teach us much if we honor them.

The holidays (7) for the gods are as follows:

Christmas: The birth of the Son god. The Birth of a White male as a symbol of hope.

Easter: The Son god (Thor) being apparently killed by the generation of vipers (Illuminati globalist elites) for defending the folk and his rise from death. The hammer of Thor taking the place of the cross.

Christmas Eve: The return of the Father (Zeus/Odin) to reward his folk that stay to true to his laws and the punishment of the folks who broke his laws.

Valentine’s Day: Celebrates the daughter goddess.

Mother’s Day: Celebrates our blessed Mother goddess.

The 2 equinoxes (fall, spring) and the 2 solstices (summer, winter) are holidays celebrating the Force/All/God/Uber Rotator.

Now that you the reader knows of the White gods, I suggest preying to them and honoring them with images in your home. You don’t know when they’ll return or if they have returned already. You don’t know if their listening. This author believes they are listening and have files on all of us. If you have artistic ability I suggest creating great pieces of art in their honor. Our whole time on earth may be a test by them to see if we’re worthy to assist them in their workings in the Universe. It’s to see if we’re worthy to merge our path with theirs. Are you worthy? Are you on the White Path?

Hail to the White gods!!!


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One thought on “The gods on the White Path

  1. Jack Dawes on said:

    In fiction, I’ve noticed a number of different instances where there is a possible veiled allusion to the coming of an invading enemy. In spite of my skepticism about the friendliness of the Zeus side of the pantheon, there is a definite pattern of the bad guy being designed after the sky father character. This gives credence to Horus’ theory that Enki/Marduk controls the narrative about mythology on Earth; creating a warped account of events and making their cosmic enemies look terrible.

    Mortal Kombat had Shao Kahn. This time framing everything in an oriental motif. Opposing Kahn, was Rayden, a thunder god modeled after the enforcers from the movie, Big Trouble in Little China. Rayden was often billed as Shao Kahn’s brother.

    The story had it that Shao Kahn was the evil emperor of “Outworld” (read off-world/ or Milky Way) who conquered Edenia (Garden of Eden/ Jotunheim?) and sought to merge his world with Earth, slaughter/enslave the inhabitants, and harvest their souls to increase his divine power. This aspect of the story was unusual, since it more resembles the Christian notion of the Devil.

    Shao Kahn was depicted as an exceptionally tall man, with a booming voice; later becoming associated with the MK trademark phrase, “finish him!” He had all the negative traits that the sky father’s Greek/Levantine equivalents were known for. He was portrayed as extremely violent, treacherous, and as cunningly evil as he was strong. Even though he always lost to the heroes, he was always able to anticipate their covert movements on the TV shows. He also wielded a large war hammer, the kind of weapon traditionally associated with Thor; though in this case, it wasn’t used for throwing at enemies.

    In MK Deception, a new character was introduced that was named Onaga the Dragon King. In Hindu Mythology, nagas were a class of beings equated with snakes or serpentlike creatures. In this story, Onaga claimed that he was the original ruler of Outworld before Shao Kahn, who was serving as his Lt. usurped him. Onaga uses Shujinko, the protagonist of the story, as his pawn to unwittingly set him loose on the world again. He used the code name Dumashi, which literally means “deception” in Japanese. Appears to be a reference to Satan seeking to regain his lost Golden Age.

    Another thing that was interesting, is that the franchise was one of the first videogames to promote the Black on Blonde meme that Talmudists are so fond of; pairing Sonya Blade with her comrade Jax. Their enemy, Kano, the thug with the bionic eye piece, was apparently a member of a gang called the Black Dragon. I suspect this was intended as a Saturn worship analogy, possibly dealing with the Black Sun Doctrine and Nazis. I doubt that it was a coincidence that Kano’s appearance changed to more of a stereotypical skinhead when he returned in MK3. He also had an impetuous nemesis named Kabal, who wore a respirator mask, and talked like Darth Vader. Kabal was first introduced as a reformed villain, but later reverted back to evil. A possible homage/correlation to Star Wars.

    In Power Rangers, an enemy called Lord Zedd became the boss villain of the show. The Zeus reference was very obvious to anyone looking with a trained eye for mythology references on TV. Although toned down for a children audience, he was still a dark character and was characterized as the punishing father figure, who didn’t take failure lightly from the other characters under his leadership. Early in season two, he even came very close to defeating the heroes; actually more effective than Rita in season 1 of the show’s running. He often scolded and threatened his subordinates when they failed. Goldar was apparently supposed to be Apollo/Jesus, and was themed to the Leo Constellation. Goldar was referred to contemptuously as a “flying monkey” by Tommy. It seems to be a big Jewish thing to call Jesus a “monkey.” When I was child watching this, I was nonethewiser about the religious symbolism, thinking it was just mindless entertainment; let alone the possibility that this may have been propaganda for some secret interplanetary war going on. My guess about the rangers themselves is that they’d be the seven headed (counting Zordon) Leviathan creature; which suggests that they might be the fictitious analogy for the Council of Seven that the pink rabbits answer to. The Blue Ranger appears to be loosely based on Poseidon.

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