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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 12

When it comes to Jesse, I think Skyler made a fair point when she asked “what’s one more?” She was suggesting that Walt have Jesse whacked. Jesse has the right to be mad at Walt but the way he’s acting is way out of line. Walt saved Jesse several times during the show, and while it’s understandable that Jesse is upset, he’s acting very unreasonable. Walt now has no choice but to act against Jesse. Walt didn’t kill Brock, nor was Brock Jesse’s child. Jesse was always unstable and now Walt has to deal with it. Perhaps Mike was right back when he talked about not taking “half measures.”

It was very telling that Hank didn’t care if Walt killed Jesse. Hank at this point is less of a law enforcement officer than a man controlled by his need to get Walt to satisfy his vanity.He doesn’t care if be breaks the law, or gets someone killed, he’s totally focused on getting Walt (as is his wife “Marie”).

One part that I found unbelievable was that Walt was still using his cell phone even after Hank found out. The episode ended with Walt calling Todd apparently to hire his uncle to whack Jesse. Lydia was not in this episode, nor were the Germans; but they are coming.

And they’re coming soon…

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