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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 11

The episode starts off with Todd running his mouth about the train heist that the guys pulled off last half season. He’s at a diner with his neo-Nazi uncle and his uncle’s neo-Nazi friend. Todd is getting ready to take over the cooking duties after they killed off the crew that took over from Walt.

Hank tries to interrogate Jesse but Sal came to the rescue. The best part of episode of 11 was Walt’s confession. This was a genius move by Walt. The question is can Hank let it go? The power of the ego should never be underestimated. Hank should be grateful that Walt paid for his medical bills and that he can walk again. But can tough guy DEA agent Hank take his loses and move on? We already saw Walt’s ego get the best of him (at the dinner table when he told Hank that Heisenberg was still out there after drinking too much wine or not getting out of business after he made enough money to leave his family a nice sum because he’s “in the empire business.”). The ego, or vanity is a dangerous, dangerous enemy. IF Hank dies in future episodes it will be because his ego wouldn’t let him cut his loses and move on. It was Todd’s ego that had him running his mouth (to some ex-cons) about the train heist he took part in that ended with him shooting a child.

Jesse is out of his mind with regret and guilt. He was already messed up but he was ready to leave the area before he figured out that Walt poisoned “Brock” the child of his mestizo ex girlfriend. This was a really stupid move by Walt. You never want to involve kids in the game, whether your game is organized crime or thrones or whatever. You start hurting or killing kids, you can expect the universe to hurt you back. Maybe it will be the kids you care about? Walt could have gotten Jesse to help him without poisoning Brock, and if I recall, he didn’t even need Jesse to kill Gus in season 4? Out of all of Walt’s mistakes, this one may be the biggest?

Lydia wasn’t in this episode, nor were the Germans. But they’re coming.

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