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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five episode 10

Hank calls Skyler after his altercation with Walt. The scene with Hank and Skyler was a great scene. Hank tried to use the “I’m hear to help you,you poor victim” approach and Skyler didn’t fall for it. Skyler did the right thing in that she didn’t say anything. Had she started talking Walt would have been done for. The evidence that Hank has alone would not have been enough to arrest Walt. Plus the fact that he obtained the book from Walt’s bathroom illegally made the interview with Skyler critical in his case against Walt. It’s become obvious that part of Hank’s desire to arrest Walt is based on the needs of his own ego.

Another great scene was when Skyler’s sister came over and tried to get Skyler to talk. Again Skyler played it right because Marie could have been recording the conversation (on her smart phone perhaps?). Marie then tried to take Skyler’s baby but Hank talked her out of it since it would have been kidnapping. Walt then buries 80 million dollars by shovel in the desert and looked like a pirate with his head scarf while burying his treasure. Skyler was correct in telling Walt that he can’t give himself up because she would never be able to keep the money. Skyler is certainly behind Walt, she has “broken bad” herself.

The scene that most intrigued me was the scene when Lydia shows up to the location where the meth cooking was taking place. The individuals doing the cooking took over from Walt and Lydia’s “partners” in the Czech Republic where displeased with the quality of the meth since the change. Who these partners are in Europe is yet to be disclosed but I have speculated on who they may be (1). The people invoked with the meth cook were all White men whom almost all had shaven heads and dressed in Neo-fascist attire. As Lydia hid in the underground meth lab a firefight broke out above. When she emerged from the underground lab we see the character “Todd” from the previous season and his Skinhead uncle and his gang. They had killed the gang that took over from Walt and Lydia was in on the ambush. It seems as if Lydia ordered the assault based on the pressure she is receiving from her “partners” in Europe. IT looks like Todd will be taking over the cooking?

Hank goes back to work and called for a conference call with his superior. I will now predict that this superior is in on the meth operation and will try to steer Hank away from pursuing “Heisenberg.” Hank may have to “break bad” from the DEA if that’s what it takes to catch or kill Walt? The episode ends with Hank going to interrogate Jesse as Jesse is having a mental melt down. The only thing that sucks about this last half season is that you have to wait a week between episodes.


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