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white path through the afterlife

In my original summary of the White Path (1) I left out what is probably the most important reason that humankind invented religion in the first place. This is humankind’s need to deal with the death. Humans are fearful of the unknown. The greatest unknown that humans face is death.

There are three possibilities for an afterlife 1) Nothing happens except a legacy left with the living.2) we move on to another realm in which we are fully conscious of the life on earth we just lived.3) we continue on in another form but forget the life we had in the past realm (earth). I will now review these possibilities.

1) The first possibility is the atheist point of view on death. The vital organs shut down and consciousness ends. The body rots and the only thing that remains (besides the carcass) in our legacy on earth. Our legacy lives on in our works and in the people who we influenced. Our genetic legacy lives on in any children that we may have helped create.

2) The second possibility is the idea of the afterlife found in Christianity or Islam. After our earth life ends, we live on in another realm depending on how we lived on earth. We are judged by the deity based on the life we lived on earth. Our experience in the afterlife reflects our behavior on earth. Life on earth was a test for all eternity.

3) The third possibility is concept of reincarnation. Our spirit lives on in new forms. The energy of life doesn’t die, but changes form. While some people claim to remember past lives, most people have no knowledge of where or what they were before they were born. Since we are part of the All, there is no beginning or end to what we are, since there is no beginning or end to the All/Force/God.

So, the question now is what version of the afterlife is best for the White Path? My answer for this question is ALL OF THEM. To my knowledge, no one really knows what happens when we die. I say “to my knowledge” because I don’t discount the possibility that someone on earth could know the truth of the afterlife but is keeping it secret. I’ll now revisit the 3 possibilities for the afterlife but from the perspective of the White Path.

1) The Atheist/existentialist afterlife: You walk the White Path during earth life because doing so allows you to leave behind a legacy. The White Path assures a great legacy because it is tied to the greater legacy of White humans. You will take part in the ascension towards Godhood and will be remembered based on your contribution. The White Path will make saints out of the most worthy (people like Bob Whitaker) whose stories will be taught to future generations. The sanctuaries of the White Path will include images of these saints.

2) The Christian type afterlife: Life on earth could be a test for the next realm. Stories from Norse mythology tell of Odin choosing the greatest warriors to accompany him in Valhalla. Those who walked the White Path most honorably will be rewarded for their works in Valhalla or Heaven. Those who were overcome by the powers of anti-Whiteness will go to Hades or Hell.

3) Reincarnation afterlife: After life on earth is complete you get recycled into a new form based on how you walked the White Path. The greatest of men/women will become stars or suns shining on future White Planets. Those who chose the anti-White Path of darkness will become lower forms, but with the possibility of redemption. A White who runs an anti-White organization (such as the SPLC) may come back as excrement from a dog. In a future war, an anti-White general slips on the excrement and cracks his skull. The former anti-White is then back on the Path upward.

Future priests of the White Path should be honest with the folk in that we really don’t know what happens when we die. The other faiths that claim to know are lying. The perspective of the White Path regarding death is that death is natural, and that there’s no reason to fear it if you walk the White Path. Since Whiteness exists in the earthly realm, the concept of “as above so below” (2) dictates that Whiteness will exist in the next realm. More thought needs to be put into this subject but this is a good place to start.

This author’s own belief in the afterlife is closest to the third possibility. Since we are part of the Force, we live forever and have forever lived. We have an essence which is what the Hindus call the dharma. This is a duty or purpose of existence. We are alive at this time in history because these are the times when our dharma is needed. There is a program of White genocide being carried out on earth. There is a force of darkness (3) attempting to enslave the earth in a New World Order. I was born when I was to oppose this force of darkness and offer a better path forward after this force is beaten back and its material expressions have been turned to dust. I did this billions of years ago and will be back again and again and again and again billions and trillions of years from now to do it again.


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