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The Message (against White genocide): Learn it know it live it

I never heard of this Paul Weston fellow before, but he’s on message. As is this Spanish fellow:

And how about this British chap pointing out the anti-White double standard:

Bottom line, the message against White genocide is spreading. More and more people are noticing that ONLY White people are denied the right to their own spaces, institutions, and narratives. This is the biggest human rights issue in the world today. A group of humans on earth that are known as “White,” (European in origin) are expected to take in millions of people unlike themselves and be force-assimilated with them. If anyone publicly objects to this they are denied economic opportunity, have their reputations destroyed, and in Europe can even be jailed. While this occurs an information campaign is carried out that demonizes Western history and culture, encourages racial amalgamation, and forwards the idea that White people have no right to spaces, institutions, and narratives of their own. Over time this will lead to the disappearance of White people from the earth. This is genocide.

If you’re an aspiring politician out there, I suggest you get on the message (see BUGS Bob Whitaker in my blogroll) against White genocide. We’re moving into a time period when being on this message will be a requirement for political success. You can have debates about the size of the budget, or taxes, or abortion, or gay marriage, or whatever. But there is no debate when it comes to White genocide. You won’t be around for long if you don’t. You will against White genocide and be for allowing Whites (or anyone) the right to their own spaces, institutions, and narratives.

This is the future of politics in the West.

Learn it know it live it


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