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Why Systems and Symbols?

When I started my previous blog (Snout Smack) in October of 2011, the basic purpose was to verbally beat on the anti-White globalist pig-dogs who are currently attempting to carry out a program of genocide against the White people of the earth. Much my thinking for that blog was inspired by the Follow the White Rabbit internet radio show. It was the White Rabbit that made the connections for me between the pro-White struggle, geopolitics, and alternative research (“conspiracies”, UFOs, esoteric subjects, the mysteries, ect). Most of the early articles from Snout Smack were destructive in nature, in that I was grinding down, exposing, and even taunting certain parties within the globalist anti-White New World Order elites. Over time I started focusing on and analyzing television shows and movies in the context of the world that the White Rabbit opened up to me. I am most proud of my III Part review of the HBO series “Deadwood” (1), which in this author’s opinion is actually a hidden portrayal of the globalist forces in the world today attempting to build their New World Order. Where Snout Smack started out as an emotional release of sorts for the author, it evolved into a venue where I could illuminate the readers on the current power dynamics of the world.

On April 30th 2013 Snout Smack died under murky circumstances. At this point there’s no reason to go into why or how. Snout Smack had come to end of its cycle (for whatever reason),but by doing so, became the seed for something new. This something new is Systems and Symbols. Systems and Symbols will still illuminate readers on the true dynamics of the Universe, but will also include a vision for a better world, particularly for the people I most identify with as a human; that being the people related to what is commonly referred to as “Middle America.” At the very least my goal for this blog is to have some influence on future leaders of Middle America (as well as on other Western leaders) in how they construct their future societies.

I selected the name Systems and Symbols because I see the universe as being made up of two major components, or realms: those being the systemic and the symbolic. The universe is a giant rotating system made up of infinite material subsystems. But where intelligent life is found, a symbolic realm appears as well. Humans organize around these two main facets; material allocation (through systems) and for some sort of symbolic meaning. The systemic realm can be measured in space and time and is understood by using “hard science.” Humans improve their material-systemic positions in the universe by constant learning and improvement (experimental science). Systems are replaced when new systems are created that deliver a higher rate of return on inputs. The symbolic realm, on the other hand, is mostly unquantifiable. The symbolic relates to spiritual and/or metaphysical aspects of intelligent life. The symbolic is understood by examining art, mythology, religion, aesthetics, spirituality, and ritual. The intelligent observing mind is the bridge between the two realms.

Up until about the 1950’s the West’s main symbolic expression was Christianity. Currently, Middle America’s symbolic expression is militaristic American Patriotism mixed somewhat with Judeo-file Christianity and the required multi-racialist/multi-cultural State faith. The Christian influence is more pronounced in the Southeast of the US, but overall, Whites across America (and the Western world) do not have much in terms of healthy symbolic expression or fulfillment. Most of Western life is spent focusing on the material systemic aspect of life. People live to better their material position without giving much thought to purpose, meaning, or the mythologies in which they frame their lives. The current popular mythology communicated through the culture and education institutions in the West portray Whites as the enemies of humanity, with non-Whites as heroes overcoming the evils of “White privilege.”

With the Systems and Symbols blog, I will provide a vision for the group of humans that I identify with as my “people” or my “folk” (Middle Americans and other people of European origin) by laying out my ideas to better our systemic-material position in the universe and (more importantly) to improve our symbolic-spiritual well-being. I’m especially concerned with the symbolic-spiritual well-being aspect. If we don’t live by our own symbolic-spiritual meaning, someone else will provide us this symbolic-spiritual meaning for their own purposes. If we don’t live according to our own mythology, someone will find a role for us within their mythology. If we don’t live according to our own frame, we will be subjected to someone else’s frame. So I bring you the newest transmutation of SS in the form of the blog Systems and Symbols (formally Snout Smack), and will do my part to provide the folk with a new vision for the future. And just like Snout Smack, I will sometimes give the anti-White globalist pig-dogs a smack on the snout as well (see video below).


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