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Systems and Symbols Rising

prussian eagle

And on the 3rd day after the death of Snout Smack, a new blog arose out of the ashes that shall be known as Systems and Symbols.

Snout smack is dead. Snout Smack is dead. Long live Systems and Symbols.

Energy(SS) doesn’t die, it only changes form.


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2 thoughts on “Systems and Symbols Rising

  1. russ hook on said:

    You MUST just love names that start with SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! R U REPTILIAN???? L0L

    SS editor: I’ve seen no evidence that leads me to believe that I am a reptilian.

  2. russ hook on said:

    or a SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSnake???? L0L signed…..SSSSSSSammy fro Alabammy.

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