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Mad Men Series End Hint

In my review of the AMC series Mad Men, I predicted that the series would end with Don Draper (Dick Whitman) jumping from his office window (1). Sometimes the creator and writers of Mad Men throw in hints of this ending throughout the series. The first episode of season 6 had one such hint. There was scene where Don Draper is trying to sell his advertising idea to the executives of a Hotel company with a location in Hawaii. The phrase he pushed was “The Jumping Off Point.” This was in reference to a hotel in Hawaii. The hotel executives all thought it sounding like “death.” This was a hint that “jumping off” was related to “death.” The series will end with Don Draper jumping to his death. Don Draper (Dick White-Man) is supposed to be symbolic of the fall of the White man (the Whitman). Read my review linked below for more details.


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