Systems and Symbols

Joining Matters Aright

Obliteration by Forced Assimilation.

Sometimes I don’t think people realize how tyrannical the anti-White system is.

If 50,000 White people in America tried to repopulate some run-down Midwestern or Northeastern town, they would be opposed by violence.

This town could work to be a model for sustainable communities. It could have a very small carbon footprint.  This is a “progressive” idea.

It doesn’t matter. It’s not allowed to exist in the whole world. 50,000 White people would not be allowed to organize a community according to their own narrative and interests. They could remove every single firearm from this community, but it wouldn’t matter.

Not even in Siberia at this point in time. Not even in the South Pole?

Anti-Whites are very, very close minded. Anti-Whites are not tolerant of ideas.

Anti-Whites claim that they are “anti-racist.” What they are is anti-White.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

These are people who can’t even allow 50,000 Whites to repopulate a small town in America, just to see what happens. Anti-Whites always like to show how incompetent Whites are. They could use this town’s creation as a reality show. They could prove how stupid and incompetent Whites are on national television.

It would never be allowed to happen. The biggest reason being that EVERYONE WOULD WANT TO LIVE THERE!!!

Anti-Whites are hate-filled, close minded bigots who feel that they MUST force integrate White people with the “developing world.”

Anti-Whites insist that all White nations, communities, and institutions “integrate” with the “developing world.”

And if anyone publicly opposes this forced integration, they are denied safety, economic opportunities, and even freedom.

This is why when pro-Whites say it’s “genocide,” they are correct. This is a genocide that wears down on a group of people over generations. The end result is the disappearance of White people from the earth.

If people don’t like the word “genocide” then that’s OK.

Just call it obliteration by forced assimilation.

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