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The White Gods part II

I want to be clear that when I describe the “Gods,” I’m talking about beings that are corporeal.  In other words, they have bodies and are not the spirit-Gods that we have been traditionally taught to think of the Gods as.  The “magic” that they appear to display is caused from the use of technology that we lacked or lack an understanding of.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “divine creator” that is creator of all in the universe.  But this creator should be thought of more like the “Force” in Star Wars.  It’s the ether, or the All, or infinite consciousness.   The “Gods” I’m explaining are just more advanced beings, who may understand the “workings of the Force” better than us humans, but are only part of the ALL, and not the All itself. The White Rabbit (see my blog roll) describes the Gods as “something bigger in nature.”  It’s important that the reader understand this.

The feats of magic done by Yahweh in the Old Testament were feats of “magic” done with technology.  The God Enki (or Lucifer, or Yahweh, or Satan) who I described above is a master of illusions, who is father of all illusions on this earth. He’s been on a mission for thousands of years to rebuild a civilization for him to rule.  His operating procedure is one of deception.  He is the father of lies.  He is the two faced God (1).  He is represented by the serpent. All throughout history the serpent has been a symbol of knowledge and learning. Enki/Lucifer was this serpent on earth teaching humankind civilization. The serpent is most likely a metaphor for a treacherous being (or crew of beings) but it does not lie outside the realm of possibility that this being (Enki and his crew) is/are a reptilian being of some sort?  The alternative researcher David Icke has committed his work to this subject. People laugh at the idea of a reptilian being, but when one thinks of the size of the universe, is it not possible that some sort of being of this kind evolved or was created in some far off place?   The pantheon that I described may have been an agreement between the advanced White beings and some highly evolved reptilian beings?

The King God Enlil (Zeus) would have a different operating procedure that Enki.  His MO would be less treacherous and rely more on raw power that deception.  He is less likely to share the mysteries of the universe with humans than Enki. The followers of Enki (or Lucifer) point to this as evidence of Enki’s humanitarian nature. To them this must make Enki the “good guy” between the two sides. Enlil’s reason for keeping technology and knowledge from humans is similar to the United States keeping nuclear technology from African and Middle Eastern countries.  Enlil doesn’t believe they can handle it and will end up being more dangerous for everyone if they do get their hands on it.  Enlil is more likely to return to earth and set up a system that allows humans to benefit from the knowledge without actually giving the knowledge up for all humans to play around with.  God had his reason in the Garden of Eden for forbidding Adam and Eve from eating from the tree of knowledge.  This is very difficult for some Luciferites to accept.  To them I say “OK, then give Charles Taylor of Liberia the science to build an Atom bomb.”  “You’re not racist are you?”  Most importantly, Enlil will provide this technology and not expect you to murder people in return.

Now that you have an idea of the differences between the two Gods, I will now explain how this fits in with the struggle against White genocide.  The alternative researcher (and supporter of Enki) William Henry wrote a book called “One Foot in Atlantis.”  The book covers the two Gods I described (Enlil and Enki) and their war, but ties WWII into the story.  He describes Enlil as being of “pure blood” and Enki as “diluting the pure blood of the gods and is out to spiritualize the earth by mixing it with another soulsphere, making it a melting pot society” (2).  According to Henry, the Nazis were fighting for Zeus and the Allies for the side of Lucifer.

If the Gods in the mythologies are described as being Nordic or Aryan in appearance, then we have to assume that European humankind are the closest descendants of the God Enlil on earth?  Enki is of diluted blood (perhaps part reptile) and wishes to “mix” the pure blood of the Gods with other humans and animals. Enki seems to have an interest in creating chimerical beings that were described in mythology.  Could this not be the very reason why the Anglo-American-Judeo elites are pushing the program of White genocide (3)?  These elites, who work for the God Enki, are carrying out a program to dilute the blood of European mankind.  This is why the Nazis are portrayed as the most evil people ever.  Their works were in spiritual opposition to Satan’s plan for the earth.  As I explained in my “Nazi International” post, the Nazis may have created technologies after WWII that has made them “Godlike” in their capabilities.  Satan (Enki) would have no greater foe on earth than the closest descendants of his main foe Enlil. These descendants of Zeus would have the capability (due to their DNA)  of building the technology of the Gods, but may be refusing to share it with Satan?  The White Rabbit has mentioned that by creating this high technology, that the Nazis may have “lit a beacon” to Enlil and his crew (wherever they are) which allowed them to make contact with these White Gods.  It may be possible that in 1943 or 44 if they contacted Enlil that Enlil may told them to “hold off Enki and his New World Order for 70 years or so until we can get there?”  So perhaps very soon (perhaps on 12/21/2012?), Enlil may return to earth and throw Satan (and his generation of demon vipers) into a pit of fire for trying to wipe his progeny from earth?  It may be the case that fighting against White genocide, is fighting against Satan’s mission on earth?

Is this a lot to handle, perhaps, for some?  It’s a big universe out there and to think we humans are the most advanced beings in nature is beyond ignorant.  The day may come when beings from far away come to earth and ask you “what did you do in the fight against White genocide?”  Perhaps to be safe, you should start spreading the Mantra (4) today?   After reading this you can’t say you weren’t warned.

For further reading I suggest reading Joseph P. Farrell’s “The Cosmic War” and all his other works and William Henry’s “One Foot In Atlantis.”  You should also listen to “Follow the White Rabbit” found in my blog roll.





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