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In my Breaking Bad reports I mentioned the possible depiction of the so called “Nazi International” during the fifth season of the show.  I also mentioned this entity in my reviews of the HBO series Deadwood.  In Deadwood the Nazi were represented by the Pinkerton agency.   The purpose of this post is to give a little background to what I’m referring to when I discuss this entity.

I first heard of the Nazi International while listening to Follow the White Rabbit(see my blog roll).  If you haven’t listened to Follow The White Rabbit I highly suggest you do so.  The show is the on the cutting edge of alternative research, geopolitics, and the struggle against White genocide.  In the show the White Rabbit discussed the possible existence of a continuation of the Nazi entity post 1945.  The White rabbit’s main source for this subject is the alternative research author Joseph P. Farrell.  Farrell wrote a book called “Nazi International” that focuses on the story of this entity as well as other books that cover this topic.  There’s another alternative research writer Henry Stevens who also wrote a book about this entity titled “Dark Star.”  Steven’s book concentrates mainly on the possible technology created by the post war Nazi entity which includes UFOs.  Steven’s book is especially interesting in that he makes a very strong case that most of the technology that we use in the modern world is the result of the Nazis (regardless of if they existed as an organized entity after WWII).Farrell’s books also focus on the technology, but do so in the context of a much broader scale.

The simplest way to describe the so called Nazi International is that it’s a continuation of the Nazi entity after WWII.  In a contingency plan when the Nazi State fell, the Nazis would move their base of power from Germany and become an international entity with the administrative hub being in South America. They would “give up” to the Soviets and Americans and by doing so; infiltrate the US and USSR’s scientific, intelligence, and corporate/bureaucratic apparatuses. But while they appeared to give up and give in to the Anglo-America-Judeo elite’s plan for global government, they were really in a strategic retreat of sorts while they built up the capability to take on their enemies again in the future.

The whole Cold War may have been the result of Nazis playing the two former WWII allies (the US and USSR) against each other?  In fact, the only thing stopping the world from falling under the tyrannical grip of the New World Order may have been the Nazis?  FDR and his staff had originally planned to form a global government with the USSR after WWII in the 1950’s.  This global government (the New World Order) was and is a project of the Anglo-American-Judeo elites(1). Their basic plan was to erase all borders and forced integrate the world’s peoples into a global “new man” that would be easy to manage. This “new man” would be micro-chipped and would serve and worship the Anglo-American-Judeo elites as Gods.  From 1945 until the late 1990’s the Nazi entity did all they could to monkey-wrench the creation of the New World Order.

If one studies the start of the Nazi movement it was a reaction to the rise of communism in the East, and the spread of so called “liberal democracy” in the West.  Both communism and liberal democracy were/are materialist worldviews that see mankind as nothing more than economic cogs in a soulless machine.  The German’s rejected the two materialist worldviews and saw mankind as a something more than economic cogs. WWII was a war between materialist forces and spiritual forces (yes, and banking was a big part of it as well).  Of course, if one studies the Anglo-American-Judeo Elites you realize that these people don’t have a materialist worldview themselves; they just force this worldview on the masses to keep us as empty, soulless, material to form into bricks in their NWO pyramid (with them at the top).  The Anglo-American-Judeo elite’s spiritual system is Masonic, Kabbalistic, Talmudic, and Old Testament based (2).

The Nazis saw in Weimar Germany what the future would be like if the Anglo-American-Judeo elites took control of the world.  Mankind would become rootless, soulless, and only interested in pleasures of the flesh and materialistic gain. The Nazi cause was about stopping this future of degeneracy and base living. Modern America is a perfect example of the fruit from this materialist tree.

This isn’t to say that the Nazis were humanitarians.  They had no problem lining up and shooting hundreds of people at a time.  In fact, within their spiritual understanding of the world they weren’t even killing people; they were only sending them to another place. The Nazis did see humans as more than just cogs in the machine, but also saw themselves as the highest form of non-cogs compared to other humans. My point in this digression is to contrast the two worldviews that did battle in WWII.  My point isn’t to frame one side as “good guys” and the other as “bad guys.”  It’s just to explain what the true root of the conflict was about.  It was over too worldviews for the future of mankind.

While many in the post war power structure trusted that the Nazis did give up after WWII, the smart ones realized that the Nazis would never give up.  This is why the Nazis are the most demonized group in the history of the world.  To this day the most over-the-top documentaries are still produced about the Nazis.  No such documentaries were produced about the Communists during the Cold War (despite killing more people than the Nazis), nor are such documentaries and presentations made about Muslims in the so called “war on terror.”  The question is why?  Why is war propaganda still being made about an enemy that was defeated in 1945?  Perhaps the reason is that the enemy was never really defeated and the war never really ended?

This is why the holocaust narrative was probably created as well?  No one talked about the so called “Holocaust” until the 1960’s.  Eisenhower never mentioned the so called “death camps” in his memoirs. By the late 40’s the Anglo-American-Judeo elite probably realized that a faction of the Nazis never gave up.  This was around the time that UFOs started being seen that were not under the control of the American military industrial complex. So to prepare for another open war with the Nazis, it was decided that the Nazis would have to be made into the greatest “bad guys” ever. Hence the Holocaust narrative had to pushed to the limit. Without the gas chamber stories, the Nazis were really no different from the Allies during the war (3).  Both sides killed civilians in great numbers.  In fact, the Allies probably killed more civilians in their bombing raids than the Nazis did in theirs. The holocaust story is so critical in maintaining the evil narrative of the Nazis that it’s actually illegal to question it in Europe and Canada. Historically when a State makes it illegal to question a proposition, this proposition usually ends up having something wrong with it. Would it not make sense that the greatest threat to the people in power (the Anglo-American-Judeo elites) also happen to be the most demonized people in the world?

The main goals of the Nazi International would have been to keep the New World Order at bay for as long as possible, see to the collapse of the Soviet Union, and reunite Germany.   It also would have prioritized the creation of high technology.  The genesis of this technology was with the “bell” or “die glocke” device. The bell was a gateway technology intended on creating energy by tapping into the “unified field.”  This is the so called “zero-point” energy.  This technological research was started in the Nazi state but was not perfected during the war.  So it was rumored to have been brought to South America where it was perfected later on. It is very possible that the UFO sightings seen globally since the late 40’s are actually Nazis (not little green men)?  Funding this technology would have been of paramount importance.  Once this technology was mastered, the Nazis would have almost total technological superiority over the Anglo-American-Judeo elite. Funding this technology would have required black market activities to raise money.  Just as the Anglo-American-Judeo elites do, the Nazis would have used drug money for covert funding for their projects.  This where I think Breaking Bad is going with the German and South America connections?

The question that you should always ask regarding information is “why is this information being produced?” Why is Hollywood starting to write about the so called “Nazi International?” This writer doesn’t have a good answer?   It might be that since the Anglo-American-Judeo elite know that they can’t have their New World Order with the Nazis around that they may try to stir up the public for a final battle against the Nazis?  They may be trying to implant memes to get the public to think about a secret criminal fascist entity?  Since 9-11, the Anglo-American-Judeo elites have been in a serious panic and hurry to create their New World Order.  The White Rabbit has suggested that the White Gods (Zeus, Thor, etc.) may be returning to earth to throw Satan and his crew into a pit of fire.  It may be that the Anglo-American-Judeo elite (who work for Satan and his crew) know that they have to consolidate the world against the return of Enlil (Zeus) to have a chance against him, but before they can do this they need to defeat the Nazis? Of course, now you’re wondering what I’m talking about regarding the so called “White Gods;” see (4),(5),(6) below.

To learn more about the Nazi International I suggest reading the two books I mentioned above as well as listening to Follow the White Rabbit.  This writer is not certain if this Nazi entity does or ever did exist, but I lean towards belief in its existence.  The evidence out on them is mostly circumstantial and filled with speculation.  But if any group had the ability to do what I just described, it would be the Nazis.  They were a well-funded, motivated, super intelligent, disciplined, and a highly organized group of people who saw mankind as something more than just cogs in a machine (albeit with them as the highest non-cogs).  If this ends up being true, it will be the greatest story of humans overcoming impossible odds ever told. Despite their many, many flaws, the Nazis may end up being responsible for freeing mankind from the most nefarious plot in the history of the world (The New World Order program of the Anglo-American-Judeo elites).  Like I said above, it’s no wonder why they’re the most demonized group in the history of the world.

(1) (2)

(3)  There is no doubt that Jews were rounded up, sent to camps, killed in large numbers, forced into slave labor, and treated in an unacceptable manner during WWII. But as far as 6 million Jews being killed using gas chambers in a State program of extermination…well, this is quite unlikely (most of the dead seen in the famous footage after WWII died as a result of starvation and desiese. The death numbers according to the Red Cross were closer to 300,000-500,000 dead Jews(Still a tragedy though).  The Holocaust story is so unlikely that it’s illegal to even question this narrative in Europe and Canada.  Anytime the State starts making it illegal to question a proposition, chances are there are serious problems with that proposition. 


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2 thoughts on “The Nazi International

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Excellent article. The Nazi references on BB are getting thicker with each episode. Supposedly some of the final season is going to be filmed in Germany. Madrigal is not going to be happy about Heisenberg’s exit from the business.

    Joseph Farrell NI interview with Project Camelot is riveting if you haven’t seen it.

    [SS editor]Where did you read or hear that that BB is going to be filmed in Germany? Do you have a link? I will check out that interview with Farrell.


    “Whether it’s an evil empire or just certain executives remains to be seen,” Gilligan said. “But it’ll take us to Hamburg, Germany. More than that I shouldn’t say.

    [SS editor] Thank you.

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