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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 8

Walt met with the women who works with the German supplier.  She makes Walt a business proposal to start distributing the meth to the Czech Republic.  She offered to use her German distribution business as the front to move the product. She said something that stuck out when she said “do you think Gus ran the distribution himself?”  I think she was hinting that there may be a hidden player involved (the 3rd Power perhaps)?  When she shook Walt’s hand to finalize the deal she appeared to give a fascist salute?

Walt had to get rid of Mike’s old crew.  They were all in prison and ready to flip now that their old boss (Mike) was dead.  To do so he used Todd’s uncle.  Todd’s uncle appeared to be an Aryan Brotherhood prison gang type guy? The guys who carried out the killings were all white and during one part a swastika flashed on the screen which was tattooed on one of the killer’s head.

The episode did not include any mention of the German connection.  I guess the creator is waiting for the second half of the season, which won’t air until summer of 2013. It’s somewhat of a disappointment that we have to wait until summer of 2013 to see how the story ends.  A year from now the whole world may look very different?  The world is on the verge of WWIII, so in a year no one may even care if the show airs or not?  I do hope that life is somewhat “normal” in a year, but we may be on the verge a world-changing event, so may not matter.

Walt “got out” of the meth business after his wife pleaded with him.  He had made enough money and appeared to get out “clean.”  Of course, nothing is ever free in life, especially after living so nefariously.   Jesse looked like he was having a lot of trouble maintaining himself mentally due to the guilt he had over the murders they took part in. The last scene of the episode showed Agent Schrader on the toilet uncovering a book that Walt’s old lab assistant  (Gail) gave to Walt in which he signed for him.  Like an idiot, Walt had this book in the bathroom as toilet reading.  The stupidity of having such evidence around is inconceivable in its stupidity.  But it did make for good television for the ending of a season (or half season).

I am eager to see how the German connection will be brought in to the next half season?  It may turn out that Walt won’t be allowed to get out until “THEY” (the Nazi International) says he can get out (remember Walt saying this to the lawyer).  Walt might find out that while “Heisenberg” was smart and bold, that there are forces on this earth that are smarter and bolder.  So the final half season will feature Walt having to deal with his brother-in-law uncovering his activities , Jesse freaking out, and perhaps the Nazi International/3rd Power making Walt an offer that he can’t refuse?  If WWIII, or the return of Enlil/Zeus to earth doesn’t change the world too drastically, the final half season should be pretty entertaining.

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