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The Killing of the King:The dIfference between the Old and New TestAMent Gods.

The Old Testament God requires his followers to die for him.  The New Testament God is willing to die for his followers.  The Killing of the King ritual creates a change in the physical medium (wave of consciousness turning matter and spirit).  The King who will sacrifice himself for the survival of his Kingdom is preferable to the King who will sacrifice his Kingdom for his own survival.  Which King would you rather serve? The King who tells you to belive in his Law and then sends you to die for the Law, or the King who shows you that he believes in his Law by dying for the Law?  The two-faced God of the Old Testament (1) requires you to kill to become one of his subjects (Chosen People), while the New Testament God allows himself to be killed for his subjects (the Elect).  The God-King who won’t sacrifice himself shows us that he lacks faith in his own immortality.  Satan’s kingdom is the earth.  It’s a closed system.  Service to the two faced God can/will result in having two faces.

The King is dead. The King is dead.  Long live the King.


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One thought on “The Killing of the King:The dIfference between the Old and New TestAMent Gods.

  1. Hannibal on said:

    Speaking of self sacrifice, if Iran got a nuke they would of course instantly bomb Israel with their super-advanced weaponry that only kills jews and not all those muslim Arabs and Aryans in the area. And this advanced techonolgy would kill only Jews so quickly that Iran and other other muslims around Iran would not have to worry about a retaliatory strike from anywhere on the planet. Iran of course would be willing to take this risk for “theological reasons” so that if the plan goes ary, and Arab and Aryan muslims have to be “sacrificed” in the grand “suicide bombing”, at least south-east-asians will still be muslim!

    Is this what the anti-white neo-cons want us to believe to go to war for THEM?

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