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Breaking Bad Report: Season Five Episode 6

The episode starts out with the three skinheads (Walt, Jesse Mike)and their assistant “Todd” disposing of the body of the kid they shot last episode.  The guys had a vote on what to do with Todd. They voted and decide that they’d keep him on the team.  While discussing this Jesse calls him “Rickey Nazi.”  In the context of the German connection discussed in previous reviews, I wonder if this is a hint that “Todd” may be more “connected” than just to a criminal uncle in jail?  Could Todd be connected to the “3rd Power (aka Nazi International)?  This sounds like an unlikely speculation but I speculated a German or “fascist international” connection before the season even started and it looks like I may be right?    I am expecting the German connection to jump out in the last episode of the season?  Perhaps Walt will go to work for the “fascist international?”

Walt has a chance to get out of the meth business for 5 million dollars by selling the chemical they stole in the last episode. Another local buyer offered to buy the chemical but the guys were going to have to get out to open the market up for the other local supplier’s product.  Both Jesse and Mike want to get out but it depends on Walt getting out as well.   Walt tells Jesse that he’s “in the empire business.”  Walt explains to Jesse that all he has is the business, since him and his wife are having problems and he never sees his kids anymore.  Walt’s ego is in almost total control of him.  He could get out with 5 million dollars and live a comfortable life with his family.  But now that Walt has tasted power he like it more than his own family.

Mike forced Walt to accept the deal.  He handcuffed Walt to a radiator but Walt figured out a way to burn through the flex cuffs that Mike restrained him with.  This was a stupid mistake by Mike.  He did have to meet with attorney but couldn’t the meeting with his attorney and the DEA wait?  This slight in the writing for the show is excusable considering the job they have done up until that part. Mike comes back to the warehouse to secure the chemical for the deal to find it gone.  Walt and Jesse are there and Mike takes his gun out to shoot Walt but Jesse stops him so Mike can hear Walt’s plan.  The episode ends.

I can’t see how Walt is going to get out of this season alive?  He’s out of control and only has his ego left in the world.  This is a dangerous place for a person to be.  The lesson here is critical for pro-Whites in the future when they start attaining more power.  They will need to be extremely wise in their selection of leaders.  They will need to look for the signs of megalomania in their leadership.  On the individual level  they will need to be wise enough to know themselves and be humble enough to step aside when they sense their egos are getting the best of them.  The problem of course, is that if someone is truly under the control of their ego, they won’t realize it, and any threat to the ego can turn the leader murderous.  The more power the ego driven person attains, the more threatening people will seem to question the leader.  The current anti-White establishment may even promote such people for the purpose of letting them sabotage the movement?


Walt may have to choose between his family and his “empire.”  In the future, some successful pro-White leader may have to decide between the White folk and their own global empire?  We know what the ego will chose.


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