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Following the White Rabbit through Deadwood part I

Deadwood was an HBO series that aired in the mid 2000’s. The story takes place in the late 1870’s and is based on the South Dakota mining camp/town in the Black Hills.  There are many reviews on Deadwood that analyze it purely as a “Western” that can be found on the internet.  This layer of the show is interesting and entertaining, but is intended mostly for the masses entertainment pleasure.  Only a more learned individual can “see” the more esoteric narrative.  I was able to unlock Deadwood’s deeper layers by being a regular listener of White Rabbit radio, and then by studying the subjects, direction, and sources that the White Rabbit presented.

Deadwood is the story about the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite’s (some may call this entity the “Illuminati”) attempt at building global government (The New World Order).  The creator of the show explained in the bonus features that one of the major themes for Deadwood was “Order out of Chaos.”  This is one of the rallying calls for the globalist elite and Deadwood itself is representative of the world in which they are attempting to subdue.  There is one character in Deadwood who best brings Order out of Chaos and that is Al Swearengen.  Al was an actual historical figure in the real Deadwood but the show’s writers took a lot of artistic liberty with him (as they did with all the characters).  While Al was a saloon operator and town string puller on the show’s base level, he was clearly the globalist elite’s God “Satan” (aka Marduk/Hades/Set/The Red Hippo) on the deeper, esoteric level.  Seen in many scenes with scales on his office desk, Al is the giver of the law (symbolized by the star of Saturn aka “The Star of David).   In an episode in the third season the town’s mayor screams “call the law” as he is beat on by the town’s sheriff .  The “law” that arrives to stop the beating is Al. The sheriff himself was just an instrument of the law, but the real law giver was Al. Many times the show’s cameras would flash onto Al while other characters spoke of “God,” or “the Lord,” or the “giver of the law” in a seemingly unrelated dialog (Deadwood used this camera/dialog trick at other times as well).  Al is the main character.  Deadwood is a tribute to Enki/Marduk/Hades/Set/Satan/The Devil, but there are 3 other critical characters.

The Sheriff of the town was Seth Bullock.  Bullock was a representation of the American faction of the global elite and also American military power.  Satan (Al) uses the youth and strength America (Bullock) provides as law enforcer for his NWO.  Bullock wore the Star of Saturn (aka Star of David) on his chest which was a symbol of his authority. This symbol is a Jewish and Freemasonic symbol and can also be found in the executive seal of the U.S. Just as America appeared to become the world’s law enforcer with hesitations, Bullock became sheriff of Deadwood with his own hesitations.

The next critical character is Sol Star.  Star is Jewish and represents the Jewish faction of the globalist elite.  Star is one of the show’s most wise, level headed and mentally adjusted characters.  The show’s writers balance this with classic “anti-Semitic” (meaning anti-Jewish) stereotypes.  On several occasions Star made reference to his father’s death-bed sayings and these sayings usually had something to do with advancing commerce.  Star was always thinking about business and profit.  But he also acted as Bullock’s therapist (in a Freudian role) and was chief banker of the Deadwood bank.  Star was very much like a Rothschild type Jew.  Just as Rothschild managed/manages the of the Queen of England’s holdings, Star was the chief banker for the next character.

The third main pillar in the show’s main cast was Mrs. Ellsworth/Garret.  She is representative of Anglo-aristocrats.  More specifically she’s like the Queen of England.  Mrs. Ellsworth was the owner of biggest gold claim in Deadwood and her gold deposits capitalized the Bank of Deadwood (Run by “Rothschild” type Jew Sol Star).  She’s an elegant women that displayed a certain regal beauty with high Victorian manners.  There’s a camouflaged  masonic compass and square design on her front door, which may be symbolic of “her majesty’s” authority over and authority to charter masonic fraternal organizations?

These three characters represent the major entities of the Anglo-American-Judeo Elite.  They work under the eye of Satan/Set (Al watching from his veranda) to bring “order out of chaos” to Deadwood (the earth).  The show’s heart was Al’s “Gem Saloon.”  The Gem was the base of operations where Swearengen organized from (in some ways a symbol of America itself).  The town’s elders held meetings in the Gem and Al clearly led the meetings.  At these meetings were all the major players that one would see at modern globalist planning meetings such as Bilderberg:  The news media (the newspaper man AW Merrick). The scientific community (Doc Cochran).  Force/Security (Sheriff Bullock).  Big Finance (Sol Star).  Freemason Leadership (Tom Nuttall, who always wears an apron). Big business (Cy Toliver).  Logistics (Charlie Utter). Political stooges (Mayor E.B. Farnum, Harry Manning). Entertainment media (Jack Langrishe the theater man).

The show is full of masonic symbols, rituals, and hand signs.  Bullock got hit on the head with an Indian club and when he opened his eyes he sees the sun while being helped up by “a master.”   This was a depiction of the 3rd degree masonic ritual where the candidate is “killed” like Hirim Abiff with a maul and then raised up to see the light.  After Bullock went through this ritual it was commented later on that he looked like he “changed.”  This is sometimes said to people after being through metaphysical rituals.   Other Masonic/Illuminati hand signs and symbols seen throughout the series include “distress” and “astonishment” ( best done by EB Farnum), the OK 666 sign (done by Johnny Burns to AL), the “hail Satan” horned hand (done by EB Farnum to AL), pyramid symbol and square and compass made with hands, and various camera shots shot through duel pillars (Jachin and Boaz). The common people in Deadwood are referred to as “hoopleheads” by the show’s main characters.  The term “hooplehead” in Deadwood should be understood as the terms “goyim” or “profane” are understood in Judaism and Freemasonry respectively.  I  will write more on this subject (masonic influence) later in the review,as these references are placed throughout the series.

The Gem Saloon was the site of the trial of Jack McCall (the coward who killed Wild Bill Hickok).  Al had determined that a guilty verdict for McCall may hurt the camp politically by giving the impression that it was trying to be a separatist state with its own laws.  So Al explained to the judge that McCall couldn’t be guilty.  When the judge returned to the courtroom we get an interesting camera sequence.  It moves from the judge’s one eye, to Mr. Ellsworth rubbing his eye, to Al giving the thumbs up, to one of Al’s lieutenant (Dan Dority)  explaining to Al that Ellsworth is “four square “ behind them (for letting Jack McCall off not guilty).  This use of one eye is a masonic/Illuminati symbol (1) and was a great scene showing how the law really operates for the globalist elites.  They’ll talk about “Justice” and “Law” all day long but the only law that matters to them is that which brings global government.  After the trial Al walks up to McCall and tells him to leave his bar or else.  McCall says “Jack McCall runs from no man” but then runs out of the place. The point was that Al is not a man; he’s a “God.”

When Al becomes sick in the beginning of season 2, the Gem and the Camp’s main inhabitants are somewhat lost without the light of Lucifer guiding them.  Dan Dority tells the whore Trixie that before Al, he “was a creature walking on hind legs.”  This is a reference to the “lantern barer” bringing civilization to mankind (and removing humankind from it’s pre-civilized, animal-like state).  The White Rabbit has opined on how the Old Testament God always makes you kill for him before you become one of his “chosen people.”  In the Season I finale Al got his newest employee (Silas Adams) to kill the magistrate/judge that was trying to shake him down.  The end of Season I ends with Al standing in victorious watch over his saloon with a lantern shining on close by.


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