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Deadwood:Prelude to a Review.

If you Follow the White Rabbit (see my blogroll) you realize that the possibilities for the Universe are endless. One possibility is the idea that current humans may be the legacy of a prior high civilization.  One possible narrative in this direction is that there was a “cosmic war” fought between two sides of the ruling pantheon of this former high civilization.  This war may have led to the destruction of the civilization, including human settlements on other planets in this solar system?  The beings who populated this high civilization are usually remembered to be Nordic or White or “Aryan,” however, all sorts of other creatures are mentioned in the mythology as being in possible contact or involved with these White beings (such as cybernetic grey aliens, reptilians, A.I., long headed cranium beings,  Neanderthal hybrids, etc..).

Making matters even more profound is the idea that some of the members of one side of this warring pantheon may still be on earth?  These beings would have a Godlike advantage over most of humanity in knowledge.  These beings may also be controlling the current Anglo-American-Judeo Globalist Elite (also known as the Illuminati)?  The devil might actually be on earth as an actual alien being!?  The current globalist elites might be bound to this devil by contract or even blood?  There may even be more than one devil?  Satan may have “a crew” (other beings from his side of the pantheon) on earth trying to build the New World Order?  This sounds bizarre and unbelievable, but is it any more bizarre than what Evangelical Christians believe regarding “the Rapture” and/or their other eschatologies?

The White Rabbit also informs us to the possibility that Nazism may have survived WWII as an organizing principle with people still organizing by it!  IOW, the Nazi bureaucratic structure may have survived “on some level” as the White Rabbit likes to say.  This “level” could be as far out there as separate Nazi civilizations out in the galaxy?  At the very least it appears these Nazis may have had a major hand in stalling the Anglo-American-Judeo Globalist Elite’s New World Order (regardless of if an alien being is calling the shots or not)?  In fact, the “Cold War” may have been the result of Nazis playing their former adversaries against each other?

The Nazis in their mastery of certain alternative forms of physics may have also alerted other Beings in the galaxy (the Beings on the other side of the pantheon than the ones currently controling the globalist elites)?  These Beings would be the Gods from Greek, or Northern European mythology (Zeus, Thor, Freya).  But they also show up in American Indian, Mesopotamian, Hindu, Meso-American, Egyptian, and Tibetan mythologies.  These “White Gods” may be returning to earth to give Lucifer’s crew (the generation of vipers) a beating like in the Book of Revelation?  These White God Beings will likely have Level 2 or 3 civilizational capabilities technologically (1), but more important, would have the knowledge to illuminate us on many of our questions of the universe.  Humankind might be stuck in the middle of a war between two sides of an ancient pantheon with the Illuminati and Nazis serving as these being’s human proxies [with the Illuminati on the side of Satan (on earth) and the Nazis on the side of Zeus (coming to earth)]!?  Does this sound unbelievably bizarre?  Yes! But I say again, is it anymore bizarre than what most Evangelical Christians or Muslims believe?

The current global elites appear to organize under the Old Testament God (whether or not this “God” is real or just an idea really doesn’t matter, because regardless of what you believe, they do believe in this and take it very serious to the point where they actually believe they have the “Architect of the Universe” on their side)? Freemasonry, Kabbalism, the Old Testament and the Talmud appear to be the critical symbolic, psychological, spiritual, mythological, and philosophical inputs for the current globalist elites.  These may be the devil’s operating systems (or dark arts) which are used to program his adepts into a frame of mind and spirit that best fits with the devil’s goals for this earth?

This doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of fascinating knowledge in Freemasonry and Kabbilism for gaining insight into what some call the “mysteries.”  Fraternal organizations in themselves are not a bad idea.  There should be people who ponder ideas of “Justice”, “Truth”, “Law”, who think about the nature of reality, and who work for the “amelioration of mankind.”  But just because you proclaim these principles does not mean you’re necessarily living them or “squared away” yourself.  Unfortunately, many of the people who proclaim “fraternity,”  “equality,” and “liberty” (and don’t forget “Love”) tend to be some of the biggest tyrants and haters.  It is a great sin against the Universe to use these activities as pretext for carrying out the New World Order program (aka global governance with the rest of humankind “chiseled” to fit as a bricks in the NWO pyramid wall).

The White Rabbit definitely delivers on spreading insight into the Universe’s mysteries.  He is a critical source of information, perspectives, and speculations (futurism) for this author regarding day-to-day news, geopolitical analysis, economic & financial insights, alternative research, and the fight against White Genocide and the NWO.  But In gathering intelligence on any subject or group you next need to find collaborating sources/evidence.  One place to look for collaborating evidence is in art.  A movie series like Star Wars is based on Mesopotamian mythology and may be truer than we can imagine?  Artists are used by the globalist elites to get out the NWO narrative, frame, and memes.  Art is used to help shape the minds of the “profane” masses into understanding the world as the globalist bosses see fit.  Intelligence organizations and fraternal organizations (which at “some level” is a redundancy) have a large presence in Hollywood.   They not only want to gather information, but also want to produce it.

HBO’s series “Deadwood” (created by David Milch) is one of the best pieces of collaborating evidence I’ve seen thus far for confirming the major ideas expressed by the White Rabbit.  My next post (or several posts) will be a review of Deadwood using a White Rabbit “frame.”  By the end of my review you should not only want to see Deadwood, but more importantly, should be intrigued enough to follow the White Rabbit.  I highly recommend you do so if you want cutting edge information at the intersection of geopolitics, alternative research, and the struggle against White genocide/New World Order.

This review should be out no later than the evening of 5-23-12.  If it’s not, pray for my immortal soul because I will have faced some mishap.  If for some reason I don’t live to share this review, listen to each Follow the White Rabbit radio show 10 times and then watch the complete Deadwood series 30 times.  More importantly you should subscribe to Follow the White Rabbit (2).  If you have an open mind, The White Rabbit WILL change your understanding of the Universe.

[Note 5-23-12:  I’m still working on the review (but thank you for your prayers).  I took a lot of notes and am trying to condense the information.  I should be done with part I by the 25th of May.  Sorry for the Delay.]



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