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Snout Smack: An advocate for Non-Violence

I advocate non-violence in opposing the anti-White globalist pig-dog agenda.  In short, violence doesn’t work.  The anti-White pig-dogs have weapons of the like we’ve never seen before.  They have weapons that can affect weather, microwave weapons which fry your brain, holograms, nukes, and a whole plethora of “unknown unknowns.”  Attacking the globalist elite with violence is attacking them at their strongest point.  It would be like attacking the most fortified section of the Maginot line head on.

In fact, the globalist pig-dogs want you to attack them.  The globalist/NWO agenda was stronger than ever after Oklahoma city.  The same goes for the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Norway.  Attacking the anti-White globalists with violence just gives them a problem to provide a reaction and a solution to (1) . Violence assists the globalist elites in implementing a police-state.  It’s better if they inflict violence on you.  After Waco and Ruby Ridge the alternative right-wing grew in America.  After Oklahoma City this alternative right-wing contracted greatly.

For a historical case study it’s important to examine the former Soviet Union.  Anti-Soviet Samizdat dissidents used a consistent message, rhetoric, and political discourse to attack the system.  They used fax machines and xerox copiers to spread their message. They focused consistent messages on blatant contradictions of the Soviet system.  One example of a consistent message they used was “If Communism is so superior, why do they need walls and armed guards to keep us from leaving?”  They would repeat this over and over and over.  The Berlin Wall fell without a shot being fired.  But if anti-Soviet dissidents had attacked border guards or ambushed the East German police, these attacks would have been used by the Soviet security services as a reason to crack down on dissidents.  The masses would have probably supported this crack-down out of fear of instability.

Another major reason I advocate non-violence is that violence doesn’t punish the guilty.  Blowing up some mid-level bureaucrats or shooting the kids of political leaders does not hurt the globalist pig-dogs in any way.  The average government employee (including the average FBI special agent or CIA analyst) is clueless of the real nature of world power dynamics.  It doesn’t do any good to kill the ignorant (you have to educate and lead the ignorant).  The real guilty parties have paramilitary forces that guard them at all times.  A Bilderberg meeting would probably require two Army Ranger Regiments and 100 Delta Force operatives to it take down.

I also advocate non-violence because one should be confident in what one believes. You don’t need violence when you know you’re right. We have a consistent message (see the mantra above and BUGS in my blogroll) that undermines the legitimacy of the anti-White system.  We have the greatest invention since the printing press (the Internet) at our disposal to spread our message.  We have nothing to fear.  People use violence because of fear.  Fear should not motivate our actions.  Our actions are inspired by a call from the universe.

I pointed out that the strongest point in the system for the anti-White globalists is their military power.  They’re very good at killing.  However, the weakest component in their system is their ideas (the philosophical and scientific basis for their world order).  They have to use misdirection, duplicity, deception, and deceit to further their agenda.  They have to force people to live according to their program. The only weapons we (pro-Whites or other anti-globalists) need are aesthetics, art, music, metaphysics/spirituality, discourse, and a consistent message (see “BUGS” in my blogroll to learn about a consistent message).   This struggle is fought in the realm of imagination, emotion, and spirit. The anti-White globalist zeitgeist is their “systempunkt” (2).  If it goes down the whole system will cascade after it.

Guns, nukes, tanks, HAARP, drones, domestic surveillance systems,holograms, etc are for anti-White, globalist, pig-dogs who know their ideas and vision for man/womyn-kind are indefensible under scientific and philosophical scrutiny.

“The mastery of mind over mind is the only conquest worth having.”  Albert Pike: Morals and Dogma.



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