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Why Can’t Cowards at C-span Call Chossudovsky?

The American Television Station “C-span” prides itself on featuring “provocative” and sometimes “controversial” authors.  They give “radicals” like Bill Ayers (a guy who hangs out with the President probably isn’t that radical) 3 hours on C-span to push his anti-White ideas for American education. Why don’t they invite Dr. Michel Chossudovsky on C-span for 3 hours to talk about Geopolitics, the Anglo-American Elite, and WWIII?  He has a new book provocatively called “Towards a WWIII Scenario” (1).  Why can’t  they invite him on Larry King for an hour?  How about Piers Morgan?  How about the “Fox All Stars” on Sunday morning?  Why don’t they invite him on Fox News’s “Red Eye?”

The fact is these people can’t handle Chossudovsky!   The media bosses (and their globalist superiors) shake with fear at the thought of Chossudovsky smacking their snouts for 3 hours on Cable TV.  The globalists are cowards who know that their worldview and agenda can easily be deconstructed by Chossudovsky.  This guy is near fearless in his discourse.

Chossudovsky is a leftest.  You could probably call him a “socialist.”  But he’s not a sick anti-White genocidal maniac like the “leftists” at the SPLC.  He just believes the masses should have more of a voice in world affairs and he advocates for greater wealth distribution.    He believes in communities organizing local economic capabilities and collectives.  Most important however, is his opposition to the New World Order.  I would describe him as an “International Nationalist.”

Below is a lecture by Chossudovsky which I highly recommend.  This is probably the best of the public speaking work I’ve seen of him.  This lecture should be shown to every college freshman in America.  This talk was given in 2003 and it explains very well why the “world situation” is what it is today.

He talks about a need for creating an anti-war/anti-globalist “discourse.”  Readers of Bob’s Underground Seminar (BUGS:found in my blogroll) will realize he’s talking about a “consistent message.”  A consistent message is intended to delegitimize the ideas and therefore the authority of the power structure.

Watch and take notes:

If you watched the lecture you probably noticed that he predicted Anglo-American-Israeli military actions for the last 8 years.   Now he’s talking about WWIII !!!(2)

Make sure to Check Out “Global Research” in my blogroll (Chossudovsky website).

(1), (2)


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