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Characteristics of the Globalist Elites

There are various explanations on who or what the globalist elites are.  For White Nationalists it’s the Jews.  In the alternative research community it’s the international bankers and/or Illuminati/Freemasons.  For Leftists it’s “the corporations” or “rich White men.”  For Christians it’s the Satanists.  For the Conservatives it’s the internationalists.  The fact of the matter is all these descriptions are correct but it requires further explanation.  This post will cover some basic characteristics of the globalist elite.

Geography:  The globalist elites are concentrated in four major cities.  These cities act as major nodes in their power grid.  These cities are Washington, New York, London, and Hollywood.  Washington is the political node.  New York is a finance and news media node.  London is a finance and administrative node.  Hollywood is the entertainment media/social engineering node. Israel is an important space as well but has more of a back-office function.  Almost all cities across the West act as mini-hubs that help distribute the agenda coming from the main four nodes.  Many non-Western cities across the globe have a similar function..

Ethnicity/Race: Racially the globalist elite are mostly White and Jewish.   In the United States the White globalist elite come mostly from the old WASP eastern establishment.  In Europe the White (non-Jewish) group includes much of European royalty.  The Jewish faction in the US immigrated from Eastern Europe and Germany in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  There is some intermarriage between the two groups but not with all the globalist families.  European Royalty is less likely to intermarry with Jews compared to non-royalty.  The Christian author Fritz Springmeier wrote a book called the “13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati” which covers the major globalist families (1).

It’s important to understand that the White globalist elite are NOT racialists.  They have no loyalty to the White race or to Western Civilization.  The royal families of Europe show no objection to the flooding of the West with non-white immigrants. The major globalist foundations fund the major “anti-racist” (code for anti-White) and pro-diversity initiatives.  In fact, to achieve total control of the globe the globalists need to carry out the genocide of the White race (except for the global elite themselves who pursue their own very serious eugenics program).  The White race is the biggest obstacle in the final creation of global governance.  Whites are relatively wealthy, well-educated, well armed, and independent minded (Whites don’t conform as easily as Asians or Africans).  Paradoxically the globalists use the White populations (for our scientific and military prowess) to help achieve their NWO, but will then do away with Whites so we don’t cause any trouble after it’s in place.  A small number of Whites might be left alive for scientific/military prowess and beauty/sexual (mostly women in this case) purposes, but these people will be under the total control of the globalist power structure (this will most likely include the use of microchips).  They will live to worship and serve the globalists  as the elites attempt to reach trans-humanist Godhood (with their great eye watching over the “profane” masses).  To understand how the genocide against Whites is being carried out click the link at the top of the page labeled “The Anti-White System (Program for White Genocide).”

Institutions: Both the White and Jewish elite attend elite schools and run most of the major corporations world-wide.  The Jewish faction is especially concentrated in finance and media.  The globalists are also represented (by mostly mid-level globalists) in academia, think tanks, intelligence organizations, NGOs, and politics. But the highest level globalists tend to be concentrated in finance and royalty (money being the greatest lever of power).  The globalists also have a variety of planning meetings and organizations that carry out the larger agenda (Bilderberg Group, Committee of 300, Davos, Club of Rome, CFR, JINSA, Tavistock).

Spirituality: The spiritual system for the globalist elite is Freemasonic/Kabbalistic, Talmudic (2), and old testament centered.  Globalists such as George Bush may go to church and claim “Jesus as their savor” but this is mostly for show.  The true “God” of the globalists is Lucifer.  Whether this “God” actually exists (as some sort of alien being stuck on earth, not the red guy with the pointed tail in hell) or purely as a concept is yet to be known.  But what is known is that the globalist spiritual system permits them to rule over the “profane” (Freemasonic term) or “goyim” (Jewish-Talmudic term) masses.

Structure: While the elites are both White and Jewish, it is most likely that the non-Jewish White component is actually “higher ranking.”  During the middle ages European royalty would use Jews to collect taxes and take care of other activities that the masses despised. When the masses would get upset, they would take it out on the Jews and in many cases the King would allow it.   This same arrangement is used today.  The White elites use the Jews as a “buffer” or “layer” between them and the masses. The Jews run the most in-your-face aspects of the globalists apparatus.  They run anti-White organizations in the West like the ADL and SPLC and run international organizations like those that conducted the “color revolutions” in the former Soviet Union.  The Jews also run the media and create heinous entertainment that is intended to subvert and pervert the culture.  If the royal houses of Europe or WASP establishment in America wanted an end to this perversion it would be easy, but the fact is THEY DON’T WANT AN END TO IT!  If you think about the globalist elite as a corporation the non-Jewish Whites are the Board of Directors while the Jews are the CEOs and mid level managers.

The highest level planning and strategy is done behind closed doors.  After the highest plans are made they are disseminated at the planning meetings and to the think tanks. The plans are then carried out by the political “leaders” (whores) who get their orders and ideas from these planning meetings and think tanks.  Intelligence organizations are used for the “extra legal” problems that come up.  The military industrial complex is where their technology is developed.  The media is used to shape perceptions and control the masses while the globalist agenda is being carried out.  The use of private central banking is used for usury purposes. The masonic and Jewish entities are intertwined through the whole apparatus to ensure an army of foot soldiers are in place to follow orders.

I mentioned that the globalist elite can be thought of as a corporation.  The non-Jew Whites are the board of directors while the Jews are management.  The question that perplexes me is who the Chairman of the Board may be?  Who is truly at the top?  I believe that there must be a final decision maker and this is where things get interesting (or scary depending on your outlook).  This may be where Lucifer fits in?  There’s something very inhuman and brutal about these people and it shouldn’t surprise us if there was some sort of alien-being at the helm.  I recommend listening to Follow the White Rabbit episode 68 for more information on Lucifer (see Follow the White Rabbit in my blogroll) and recommend that you read at link (3) below.

I hope this post helps the reader’s understanding of the globalist elites.




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2 thoughts on “Characteristics of the Globalist Elites

  1. Good post, but I’m not sure about the role of the hero in the whole God Vs. Satan stuff. What if the good guy really is Satan and God is the bad guy? Horus himself even refers to Zeus and his children, as being the victors. So how could Prometheus be our tormentor if Zeus is the one in power? Just a feeling….

    [snoutsmack editor] The operating procedures of the Anglo-American-Judeo Globalist “God” do not fit with Zeus’s operating procedures. Their God is the “father of lies” and works using deception and duplicity. Zeus’s operating procedures are just to smash his opponents with force.

  2. this is going to be a lengthy post, but I’m just going to say that since I’ve never met these individuals personally, I should reserve some judgment for the day of judgment. The thing that makes me leery of Zeus/Tyr/Enlil (whatever name you want to call him) is that he comes off as fierce and cruel in more than just one tradition. The only stories in ancient Greece where he seems nice are Baucis and Philemonis and the famous story of his rape of Europa. The latter being the mythical creation of European people. In this story he tells Europa her offspring by their union will be his chosen people of Earth. In spite of this, he seems very unfriendly to humans as a general rule.

    From my research, I’ve concluded that although Dyaus Pitar of Vedic lore shares his name with Enlil in other religions, he apparently is not the same guy. His story is too different, more closely resembling Uranus (Anu.) Indra though, is also not him apparently. Remember that Ninurta was associated with crimson colors whereas his father is associated with light blue like the sky. He was also associated with agriculture and used a net to trap his enemies. Ninurta is also reputed to be particularly tall among Anunnaki. Thor means “Giant.” In India, I don’t see any obvious matches with Enlil for some reason. Vayu is the closest one I can find.

    It is also important to remember that Zeus is the great sky god associated with oaths, vengeance, victory, and sometimes shares his role as weather god with his son Ninurta. In Norse Mythology, he is Tyr, not Odin. He is also known by regional variations on his name such as Tiwaz, Tiu, Ziu, and Zio. It is of interest to me that if one adds an “n” at the end, it is Zion. Since Tyr was originally the head god of the Norse Pantheon it would make better sense for Thor to be his son rather than Odin’s. Candidates for Odin vary. Possibilities range from Marduk to Nannar, Ishkur (aka Adad,) and even Anu; although I tend to favor the latter being the father of the three brothers. Think Bor was his name?

    In any case, the severity of his personality differs in other pantheons in different parts of the world, Zeus is typically portrayed as acerbic and cold at best, and absolutely vicious at his worst. In contrast, Jove’s children mostly seemed kind and generous to the humans. Particularly Apollo (aka Shamash/Utu) and Hephaestus (Gibil.) I personally think the verdict is still out on whether Gibil is actually Erra.

    I’ve been following Horus’ coverage on this, and it is unexpected that Shamash has been implicated in this evil doing. Although he was always capable of being harsh in his different guises, he was generally the go-to guy for the early humans when they needed help. The things you always see in his stories, are his association with moral courage, prophecy, abundance and fertility, music, and of course, the sun. In Scandinavia, he was apparently the much beloved Frey, Lord of the Vanir.

    Although I find it hard to believe he is actually Yahweh, I will grudgingly admit that many of his associations were present. Sometimes I wonder if Yngwi (Ingwaz) is a Scandinavian form of Yahweh. The Swedish Royal Family believe they are his descendants. The surname Freer, I understand is also a form of Frey, meaning that people with this name might be related also. I’m not sure that this would mean they are necessarily pink rabbits because of this. That’s another discussion.

    In Norse Mythology, Frey was called the Lord of Hosts, Lord of Alfheim (sounds similar to Elohim,) and he was leader of the Vanir. Apparently, these light Elves were a distinct people from the Living Gods. They were also considered exceptional…and also very beautiful.

    Now as far as Ninurta, when I read about him, I actually like him. Although it is known that he was unconcerned about collateral damage when fighting skirmishes, he seems noble for the most part. Of course, it goes without saying that none of the living gods were friendly all the time. We humans are supposedly based on them, so obviously the good and the bad in our nature is inherited from our alien ancestors. And for that matter the primitive hominids.

    Not to scare anyone, but word has it that the Bilderberg Group is headed by a panel of Seven Elite individuals they answer to. I haven’t heard anyone identify them, but when I heard this I wondered if they could be the Seven Great Gods that Decree? According to Babylonian documents, their membership includes:








    If they are actually speaking to them at their conferences, they might not be there with them but maybe more like a webinar setup. For safety reasons and to avoid being publicly seen with their thugs, the pink rabbits. Since I’m not invited to their parties, there is no way I can prove this.

    In any case, this is a subject I’m intensely interested in. I would be eager to learn more about their culture in the hopes it would teach us more about ourselves and where we come from. I’m sorry I rambled, I’m not here to troll or anything. This is a very deep subject that I think warrants more investigation.

    Anyway, I don’t really know the whole truth. I wish I did. The only thing I’m absolutely sure of is that modern academia is a fraud and everything we’ve been taught about history, prehistory and DNA is a lie. I predict that the accepted stories on just about everything are going to be very different in the future.

    PS- I would have posted a wikipedia link on the Seven, but I’m unsure if that’s allowed here. It’s out there if you want to read it. Whatever happens, we can only hope that some of our space brothers will come and save the day. And yes, I’m aware that some of these things I’m saying would be reaching too far out for many people. I just thought I’d contribute to the discussion with some more food for thought. I hope I didn’t annoy you with my babbling. I should write a non-fiction book on this stuff…

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