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Letter to the Bilderberg Group

Dear Bilderberg Group,

I was recently examining your list of participants for the 2011 meeting (1).  The thing that stuck out at me as I read was the lack of diversity in your participants.  I thought this may have been an anomaly so I also examined prior participant lists (2).  To my shock these lists too showed a disapointing lack of diversity.   Particularly I point to the lack of Africans, Mestizos, Amerindians, and gay, lesbian, and transgendered people.   This greatly confounded me as it is your globalist pig-dog foundations who proudly fund pro-immgration groups for the purpose of flooding White countries with immigrants from the “developing world.”  For instance Sean Lengell of the Washington Post reports that:

The Ford Foundation, the Carnegie Corporation and Democratic activist George Soros were among the liberal funders that have donated millions of dollars to pro-immigration groups, as the Senate continued its debate on a contentious bill that would overhaul the nation’s immigration policy.

Three of the nation’s biggest and most influential pro-immigration groups — the National Immigration Forum, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) and the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) — collectively received more than $3.25 million from Ford Foundation since 2005. (3)

It appears that “diversity is strength” only when it applies to non-global elite spaces?  Globalist elite spaces are VERY, VERY White (and Jewish).  I wonder why anti-White cowards like Chris Matthews haven’t reported this?  Coward Chris Mathews has no problem pointing out the “whiteness” of the Tea Party movement.  But for some reason he doesn’t point out the “race problem” relating your group?  In fact, I’d be surprised if coward Chris Matthews has mentioned your group at all?

I also wonder where all the big “civil rights” and “anti-racist” activists are regarding this issue?  Why isn’t Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton outraged about this lack of inclusion?  Why isn’t the anti-White, genocidal maniac (4) Tim Wise not railing against this?   Why aren’t the anti-White, leftist stooges who use terrorist tactics against American Renaissance meetings (thus denying Amren freedom of speech and association) not conducting “demonstrations of solidarity” against Bilderberg?  The answer is simple: So called “anti-racism” is actually a code for anti-White.

So since the above mentioned anti-white cowards won’t bring attention to Bilderberg’s lack of diversity, I guess it’s my duty to do so.  That is why I, the creator/writer for Snout Smack offers his services to bring diversity to Bilderberg.  I wish to be hired by your organization as “Director of Diversity.”  My demographic goals for the 2012 meeting (In Virginia) are as follows: 12% African, 14% Mestizo Latino (no cheating by using White Latinos), 5% Asian, 1% Amerindian, 3% Muslim, and 3% gay, lesbian, and transgendered people (at least one participant should be transgendered and this person should share a room with David Rockefeller).

I served in your globalist wars in the Middle East and the Balkans and have a master’s degree so my international experience and education should be adequate.  My salary needs are negotiable.  Please leave a comment and email address on how I can contact you or contact one of your spy organizations to get my phone number.

I just want the opportunity to help your organization experience the “joys of diversity” that you force on the rest of us.


Snout Smack



(3) The 2007 Sean Langell Washington Post article requires a subscription so here’s a reprint:



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