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Anti-Whites are CUNTS

I think there’s one thing we can conclude without a doubt and that’s the fact that the anti-Whites are a bunch of CUNTS!

That’s right. The anti-Whites are CUNTS!

Former Reagan official and Congressional aide Bob Whitaker wrote an appeal to President Medvedev of Russia asking for solidarity against the genocidal anti-White globalists (1).  With this appeal the anti-Whites have an opportunity to link their greatest domestic enemy (pro-Whites) with their greatest foreign enemy (Russia).

Liberals have the opportunity to link a “White Supremacist” former Reagan official with the “fascist” Russians. Respectable Conservatives can show their love of diversity by condemning the “racist right” for appealing to the “neo-Stalinist” Russians.

Why don’t the CUNTS at the SPLC have a big “report” warning the public of the “increasing dangers” of the “racist right” attempting to find allies with the “intolerant” Russians?

Why doesn’t Fox’s CUNT O’Reily have a segment about the “bomb throwers” on the “far right” attempting to network with the “gangsters” in the Kremlin?

All we hear is silence?

Why? Because they’re CUNTS who fear a 70-year-old man (Bob Whitaker) with a 200 word mantra.  Even their anti-White organizations (like the SPLC) with millions of dollars of funding can’t chance admitting the existence of Bob Whitaker (see BUGS in my blogroll).

And these people think they’re going to have a new world order?  If you CUNTS can’t handle a 70-year-old man with a 200 word mantra, how do you expect to rule the world when you don’t have Russia; China is moving away from you; the middle east is rejecting your vision of liberal Islam; the EU is disintegrating, and the American economy is falling apart?

I apologize to the readers for the nasty language (CUNTS) but there’s no other word that better describes these people. The anti-Whites have billions of dollars and total control of the media and political establishment but they can’t chance exposing Bob Whitaker’s (BUGS) message because THEY KNOW THIS MESSAGE POINTS OUT THE TRUTH!!!

This post could probably be be called “anti-Whites are CUNTS as told by someone who watched Deadwood too many times.” 🙂 lol


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One thought on “Anti-Whites are CUNTS

  1. 3 words for Pink Rabbits…… YOU GOTTA GO.
    Good site!!!

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